Network Integration & Management


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Our network Engineers have:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge of internal and external networking protocols and procedures.  All technicians are trained to identify current issues quickly as well as make recommendations for future growth and capacities
  • Been provided with a minimum of Vendor Required Training or better
  • Support from Vendors and the Distribution channel
Internal Routing & Switching: Often overlooked this can result in bottlenecks causing connectivity issues and slow response times.
Printing – Networked, Cost-per-Copy (CPP), MFP – Printing Technologies
Virtualization – Reduce your server footprint and consolidate applications using VMWare
Data Back Up strategies and compliance – Data BackUp
Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server Migrations
Servers – HP, IBM, Lenovo and Dell

With over 23 years industry experience, SYDNIC has extensive contract resources for any projects you want to learn about, adopt or integrate.  Consulting has become the backbone of all SYDNIC solution delivery, and we pride ourselves on educating our customers by addressing their business challenges.

Customer Challenges

  • Security vulnerabilities, both internal and external
  • Industry Compliancy regulations
  • Increasing dependency on technology and capable I.T. staff
  • Need to decrease expenses to remain competitive
  • Unreliable or insufficient bandwidth internet connections
  • Obsolete Hardware & Software
  • Voice and Data convergence
  • Mobility integration
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SYDNIC provides prompt and courteous ‘Live Answer’ service Monday thru Sunday, 24 hours a day.  SYDNIC’s internal Software Tools proactively monitor and report on issues and trends before they become business affecting.
Remote Access for your users is a key component to staying connected.  Secure VPN connections can be created to allow access to network resources.  Remote access to email, calendars, public folders or other resources can also be configured to allow mobile users to stay connected.  These are just a few of our day to day tasks done quickly and cost-effectively through incremental billing.
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How We Can Help

In-depth assessment of your current networking environment including internal network, router/firewalls and Internet connectivity

• Complete documentation of network equipment including device configurations and network diagrams

• Engineer review of traffic flows and configuration of devices

• Professional recommendations for key network solutions to improve productivity in the workplace

• Recommendations and implementation of “Secure” access to network resources for employees while they are out of the office

• Implementation of Voice and Data networks using the same infrastructure without loss of performance or voice issues

• Day to day management of network infrastructure

Key Benefits


  • Automatic statistic collection from routers to monitor traffic and issues
  • Automatic backup of device configurations
  • Network engineers standing by to respond in the event of an issue
  • Remote access to devices for quick trouble shooting and diagnostics
  • Optional alerts to provide notification of potential issues
  • VPN and remote access for your users using secure, encrypted protocols
  • Engineers and technicians available 24 hours per day 365 days per year