Data Backups (BU) & Disaster Recovery (DR)

SYDNIC provides a simple, secure, and automatic method for both on-site and off site data storage in one simple solution. In the event of a server failure, a “virtualized” version of your server can be activated allowing business activities to continue.

  • Customer premise device for fast file back-up and restore
  • Disaster recovery of failed servers on local device or in data center
  • Customer user interface and local technical support
  • Exchange server message level recovery
  • Backups replicated to Canadian data centers
  • Backup and disaster recovery of unlimited servers and workstations
  • Device seeding for fast initial off-site protection
  • Bare metal restore to dis-similar hardware

SYDNIC backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure your vital information is always safe and secure, making the painful chore of on-site and off-site backup easy and reliable.

Traditional Backup vs. Intelligent Business Continuity

Leading edge business owners are finding traditional backup methods such as tape, disk and strict Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices unacceptable or insufficient. Technology innovations have set new standards for Intelligent Business Continuity, which goes beyond data protection to delivering automated assurance, continuous protection, secured storage, and instant recovery.