About Us


Cloud technology

Mission Statement

SYDNIC Computer Systems Inc. will build added value through our partnerships to deliver sales, service, supplies and support, providing our Clients with a personal flare that is unmatched by our competitors. SYDNIC will strive to exceed the expectations of our Clients in all aspects of our business. As emerging technologies impact the marketplace, we will maintain our commitment to deliver “Personal Service in a Technical World”.

Why Does SYDNIC Exist?

Through its success, SYDNIC exists to be a growing beneficial force in the world, dedicated to improving the quality of life. We will provide the means through which each member of our company, according to their ability and commitment, can find personal fulfillment. We will never compromise this commitment; will never take any action which will violate its spirit.


Our Customers control our destiny. They have expressed to us their commitment and trust by buying our products and services. We must do everything we can to return this trust. We must ensure that our Customers are successful in using our products. In committing to our products, they permanently secure our gratitude and return commitment.


Our aim is to build a high quality company, in the most general sense of the term. We want to be known as the “Company that does everything well”. When we measure the quality of the Company, we shall measure the quality of its organization and administration, the quality of its business decisions, the quality of its treatment of its Employees, Customers and Suppliers and the quality of the products and services we provide.

Marketing & Selling

We will not misrepresent our products to the Customer and we will not claim what we cannot deliver. We will treat our Sales force with honesty and courtesy. Whether they are Partners, Representatives, Distributors or Agents they are our strong right arm in the territory in which they operate, they are our eyes and ears and they are the custodians of our reputation and we expect them to embrace our own ethics when dealing with their Customers, who are OUR Customers.


We will work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they understand our requirements and are committed to the same levels of quality that we are.

Value Added Services Include:


  • An experienced contractual partner with two (2) national support services organizations, providing project work, products and services in both Canada and USA.
  • Strategic vendor procurement for Hp, Lenovo, IBM & Microsoft.
  • Pilot projects and proof of concept testing prior to deployment, SAAS, Managed Services, Hosting, ASP Model, Remote Back-Up and Strategy Planning for Microsoft and Linux environments. These are key areas for large organizations today and we are extremely resourceful.
  • 7 x 24 support program with over a decade of experience.
  • Printer service for HP, Lexmark, Samsung and Ricoh among others.
  • Pro-active support contracts and service level agreements (SLA) for routine task management and change management related work.
  • Service help desk environment in-house, remote access problem solving, and incremental billing means drastically reduced service charges as the end result.
  • SYDNIC accounts with all leading distributors in excellent credit standing.
  • North American corporate presence available for growing companies and strategic procurement.
  • A complement to any IS/IT department.

Due to the demography of our marketplace, we have strategically positioned ourselves to our customer base on many different technology levels, and pride ourselves on providing a quality job done right every time.

SYDNIC Computer Systems Inc. Will always offer and bring value to your company when doing business together.

Kipling Morton, President